The Lowest Residuals Check Shared So Far Belongs To ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Actor Robert Carradine, Who Got One For $0: ‘Why We’re Striking’

We’re a little over two weeks into the SAG-AFTRA strike, which saw over 160,000 members join the 20,000-strong WGA on the picket lines. Since then one actor after another has shared the comically low residual checks they’ve received during the streaming era. In the good old linear TV days, residuals used to be meaty enough to keep some actors afloat. Not anymore. But some of the checks at least boasted a couple cents. Check out this one.

Robert Carradine, of the Revenge of the Nerds and Lizzie McGuire series, shared a check he got from Disney. How much did he get? Zero dollars. Someone cut and mailed him a check that’s utterly worthless.

“Why we’re striking,” Carradine wrote in the caption.

In the early days of the strike, Mandy Moore revealed that she’d received residual checks for under a dollar. Abbott Elementary’s William Stanford Davis, meanwhile, received one for three whole cents. But Carradine’s the real winner here, getting nada — a waste of paper and postage.

The two-pronged strike is the first time the two guilds have struck together since 1960. This has caused productions to shut down and movie release dates to be bumped. It could very well cause the collapse of movie theater chains. At least the wealthy studio heads who won’t meet their demands can mill about in public without being booed.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)