Lizzy Caplan Doesn’t Want The Guys In Her Family To Watch ‘Masters Of Sex’

06.17.14 5 years ago 4 Comments

Do you really need convincing to watch Masters of Sex, Showtime’s excellent period-piece drama that returns for season two on July 13th? OK, well: it’s got the dignified Michael Sheen for the ladies, the lovely Caitlin Fitzgerald for the fellows, and the very-naked Lizzy Caplan for everyone. So, yeah, please watch it, unless you’re a male member of Caplan’s family. Then don’t. She begs of you.

Well, when you got this gig, who amongst your family or friends was it most vital to warn, “Listen, I want you to see my new show, but…you’re gonna see things”?

Season 2 should be interesting because for Season 1, Valerie Joseph, our lovely post-production supervisor — because we had a lot more time between wrapping, shooting and the airdate of the show — made “family edits” that artfully cut out everything that had to do with Virginia being naked. Everybody else’s nudity and stuff was in there, but mine was cut out. But [the producers] made it very clear to me last year that that would not be an option in Season 2. So as we gear up for the airdate of Season 2, this will be the first time I have to have that conversation with my family, because it’s definitely not something that I want them to watch. I thought perhaps I would have matured a bit in the last year to wrap my head around it, but I can safely tell you I have absolutely no interest in the male members of my family watching Season 2 of Masters of Sex.

This begs an important question. Let’s say it’s 1982, and you’ve just watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High for the first time. There’s one scene in particular that you’ll never forget, but you’re second cousins with Phoebe Cates — is it still OK to…y’know? I’m glad my family is nothing but lawyers, doctors, and, ugh, writers. I don’t have any moral dilemmas when it comes to ogling.

Unlike Lizzy’s poor great uncle.

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