Lizzy Caplan Spoke To The New York Times Magazine About Dildos And Tom Arnold

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Emmy nominee (and future Emmy winner, if Dan and I have anything to say about it) Lizzy Caplan recently spoke to the New York Times about her excellent show, Masters of Sex, dildos, and Tom Arnold, a trio of topics that’s grouped together ALL the time.

Since doing the show, are you more comfortable talking about sex? Are you more likely to be the one who says something like, “Hey, let’s talk about dildos”?

Yeah, I mean, that’s pretty much how I start the majority of my conversations — “Hey, let’s talk about dildos” — especially around the Hanukkah table. I think people might be surprised. It’s as if people thought Sex and the City created this idea of girls out to brunch with each other, speaking very explicitly about sex. That has been going on well before that show, and will go on until the end of time.

I also learned that Lizzy wanted to be in the C.I.A, mostly because of True Lies.

In your coming film, The Interview, you play a C.I.A. agent, which is something you seriously considered as an actual career choice.

I have a habit of getting very obsessive about one thing, but it usually lasts no more than three days. The C.I.A. thing went on for longer, but my serious consideration was limited to doing an online application for the C.I.A. I poured my heart and soul into it and never heard back from them, so that’s where that story ends.

What did you think was involved with being a spy? Were you basing it on movies?

One hundred percent on movies, and not even James Bond movies. Like, True Lies. I wanted to be some combination of a C.I.A. agent and a hit man.

And be best buddies with Tom Arnold?

That goes without saying. You need a funny guy in the van, right?

Someone better be wearing a bow tie in The Interview. Lizzy does her best work with bow ties.

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