‘Loki’ Fans Could Not Help But Grow Emotional During The Season 2 Premiere: ‘Still The Best Show’

With the Loki Season 2 premiere now streaming on Disney+, Marvel fans are getting emotional about finally seeing Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson reunited after a two year wait. It also didn’t hurt that the first episode was everything that Loki fans have come to expect. Impeccable set designs, existential sci-fi horror, and that killer score.

But all of that would be nothing without the impressive character work. Hiddleston’s Trickster God and Wilson’s Mobius are clearly the bedrock of the show and seeing them solve another time mystery together (and discover an even more dangerous one) was exactly what fans wanted to see right out of the gate.

The two bounced perfectly off each other like they never even left, and fans were here for the palpable chemistry that’s made Loki one of the best MCU series to date.

You can see some of the Loki and Mobius love below:

There was also plenty of love for the episode itself, which saw Loki return to the TVA after his disastrous encounter with He Who Remains. However, the Trickster God keeps “time slipping” in horrifying fashion, which makes it hard to warn Mobius and the rest of the TVA of the war that’s coming.

You can see reactions to the Loki Season 2 premiere below:


Ke Huy Quan also made his MCU debut as Ouroboros (or O.B.), and Loki fans were here for him. Quan fit seamlessly in with the cast and the weird machinations of the TVA, and the love for him on social media was off the charts:

And then, of course, there was that book catch:

We’re supposed to be objective here, but yeah, that was pretty hot. More of that please, Marvel, thank you.

Loki streams new episodes Thursday on Disney+.