Who Created The TVA In ‘Loki?’ Here Are the Most Likely Culprits

With every new episode of Loki comes new questions we seriously need some answers to, and this past week is no exception. While we finally saw the Time Variance Authority’s biggest secret get exposed, and figured out where “pruned” variants go when they’re disintegrated, we somehow came out with even more questions. But hey, while we still have two more episodes to sit tight through until we finally see the whole picture (hopefully), you gotta admit it is pretty fun it’s pretty fun to speculate in the meantime, right? Now, after this past episode, you might be wondering what is up with the TVA and the Time Keepers because there is obviously a lot going on there. You might even be wondering who created the TVA in the first place. Well, here are who we think are the most likely culprits.

1. The Time Keepers

Okay so this one might feel obvious, like a cop-out, or unlikely due to everything that’s transpired thus far and Marvel’s appetite for twists and turns… but hear me out. It’s entirely possible that the twist is the Time Keepers did create the TVA, but have lost control over it. As of right now, it seems like Marvel wants us to be questioning their existence, which might mean they’re gonna pull a fast one on us and confirm it! So, if we’re to assume the best of the Time Keepers — and that they actually exist — it could be that rather than protect the “sacred” timeline at all costs, they exist to monitor and protect all the world’s many timelines. Perhaps the variants that help run the TVA were at one point voluntary, or there was a bit more benevolence in the whole process. However, even if we do operate under this assumption, it means that someone else is pulling the strings (or just flat out created it themselves) and still leaves us hungry for answers.

2. Kang the Conqueror and/or Ravonna Renslayer

While Marvel villain Kang the Conqueror isn’t scheduled to make his big MCU debut until 2023’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania hits theaters, there are a few things that point to his involvement in Loki — chiefly Ravonna Renslayer. Notice how Ravonna seems just a bit off? How she has this mysterious friend Mobius mentioned a few times that she seemingly avoids talking about? It seems increasingly more likely that pal of hers is Kang, her in-comic love interest.

Ravonna is the daughter of King Carelius, the future ruler of Earth. After conquering everywhere but her father’s kingdom, Kang comes to their land with the intention of taking it over and finally seizing complete control of earth. However, his plans quickly change after meeting Ravonna and falling in madly love with her. However, unfortunately for Kang, he can’t conquer everything, and his lack of a noble bloodline causes his affection to go unreciprocated. In an attempt to prove his strength and win her heart, he makes a promise to her: to bring Avengers to their future so he can fight them and show her his true power.

All this said, it could very well be the Time Keepers do not exist and there is no scared timeline, but rather the whole TVA is made up of variants Kang is using to carry out his will and win the love of Ravonna. It could also be that in the MCU, Ravonna is already in love with him, and is ensuring this happens or that the timeline in which she and Kang fall in love with is the one kept “sacred.” Either way, their relationship could be the key to understanding what’s going on in Loki.

3. Loki

Of course, it’s entirely possible Loki himself — er, well, a variant of himself — has complete control over the TVA and is ensuring they are the “Prime Loki” by pruning all the other ones and sending them to the apocalyptic wasteland we saw at the end of this past episode. We could see an army of Loki’s recruited by the Loki we know and love in the show take on this Prime Loki which would make for a pretty damn interesting series finale because hey, who knows Loki better than he knows himself?

4. Mephisto

I mentioned in a previous MCU-related piece that I don’t think it’s all that likely that Mephisto is pulling any strings in the MCU right now… and then proceeded to talk myself into this theory’s plausibility! Since WandaVision, folks have been speculating that Mephisto (noted ally of WandaVision antagonist Agatha Harkness) might be rearing up to make an appearance in the cinematic universe — so much so that Marvel came forward and “confirmed” the character had nothing to do with Loki despite a stained glass window in the show’s first episode seemingly depicting him. Now, while I did write confirmed in quotations because of course the showrunners aren’t going to reveal such a major plot point, I do stand by my belief that he isn’t involved with Loki or the TVA. However, I’m definitely more open to the idea that he might show his face in the upcoming Doctor Strange film.