LOL: There’s an ‘E! True Hollywood Story’ for Sarah Palin

04.21.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

Tonight, E! will air the “True Hollywood Story” of Sarah Palin, a hallmark of fame only bestowed upon such luminaries as Jim J. Bullock, Joe Piscopo, and Kate Gosselin (although to be fair, there was also an episode about Barack Obama).

This preview clip isn’t too enticing — a buncha white guys talking about Palin’s rise to brain trust known as the Wasilla City Council — but you get to see how she looked in 1992. And if you thought she was (G)MILFy in 2008, just wait until you glimpse her 16 years earlier. Outta the way, Stifler’s mom! Mrs. Palin is lookin’ fine! I’d totally impregnate her with a retarded baby.

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