The Olsen Twins Won’t Appear In ‘Fuller House,’ Says Aunt Becky

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Fuller House still roars ahead towards its unspecified 2016 debut on the Netflix lineup. Almost every original cast member will be back for the party, and the cast has been throwing poolside ragers to tease their fanbase. Such photos of John Stamos and his brethren arrive amid tales of bittersweet tears on set and other candid craziness. Have mercy.

Indeed, we’ve even heard that an unexpected cast member, Scott Weinger, will reprise his role as Steve, high-school boyfriend of D.J. Tanner. Netflix wooed everyone back, it seems, except for the Olsen twins. We’ve heard rumors to this end already, and Stamos said he’d be “heartbroken” at their absence (even though, back in the day, he tried to get those babies fired). Now we’re hearing the final, inevitable confirmation from Lori Loughlin:

Although there have been reports suggesting the Olsen twins would likely not reprise their joint role as Michelle Tanner in the “Fuller House” spinoff, actress Lori Loughlin confirmed to The Huffington Post that the season is “wrapped and they didn’t come in.”

Loughlin told HuffPost that a cameo for any future episodes could be unlikely as well, saying, “No, I don’t think they’re going to make a cameo. They didn’t this season.”

This outcome makes total sense, and even Stamos conceded as much in May when he said, “They’re in a different place.” Indeed, the twins are busily running a fashion empire and haven’t been interested in TV or film gigs in years. Popping into the studio to drop a gratuitous “You got it, dude!” simply wasn’t in the cards.

Buck up, at least we’re gonna have Uncle Jesse in the mix. He’s the truly indispensable link in this revival. Being that he just landed three years’ probation (and no jail time) for his June DUI arrest, there are plenty of Beach Boys gigs in his future. Stamos appears to be full-on enthused for this revival, and Loughlin has the Instagram photos (and silly Dubsmash videos) to prove it.

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