‘Louie’ Has Been Renewed For Season 4

If by “just farted for the rest of my life,” you mean, “just got picked up for a fourth season of your amazing show,” then yes, Louis, you did. According to Alan Sepinwall, who’s attending today’s FX TCAs panel, Louie will be on again next year, for another soul-crushing season. The same can’t be said of Wilfred yet, though…

Alan’s Hitfix colleague, Daniel Fienberg, has been liveblogging the event, and he wrote:

“Louie” has been renewed for a fourth season. No announcement on “Wilfred” but Landgraf is “very optimistic.” There’s also no pickup for “The Americans,” starring Keri Russell, but he’s positive on the pilot.

Alan said on Twitter that there are “deal issues” for Wilfred, but rumor has it that’s just because Bear wants a bigger, darker sex dungeon.

FX isn’t going to make a decision on the back-90 for “Anger Management.” But if the Back-90 is picked up, Martin Sheen will join the cast as a regular.

That’s bad.

Landgraf thinks “Wilfred” has “a many-year future on the network.” They still have some “deal issues to work out.” Regarding “Justified,” he predicts a run of “at minimum six seasons.”

That’s good.

“American Horror Story,” “The League,” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” will be back in October.

That’s very good.