Supercut: Louis CK Is The Charlie Brown Of Sex

One of the major recurring themes in Louie is Louis CK’s awkward interactions with the opposite sex. His character frequently puts his foot in his mouth, makes unrequited advances, gets put down, and finds himself in any number of other horrible, cringe-worthy situations involving women. It’s terrifying. If any of the things that happen to his character on the show happened to me in real life I would probably stay inside for a month, just ordering delivery for all my meals and watching reruns of Fresh Prince until I worked up the resolve to rejoin society again. But something about seeing them happen to him is hilariously transfixing — like watching two clown cars crash into each other, I imagine — as evidenced by this supercut of those moments from the show. Oof.

If I could give you one piece of advice regarding the video, it would be to take note of the faces Louis CK makes while all these things are happening to him. They are honestly one of my favorite parts of the show. Even though he isn’t a classically trained actor, he manages to convey that “Lucy pulled the football away again but by ‘football’ I mean ‘any chance of us sleeping together'” feeling with one look better than anyone else on television. I don’t know if the Emmy people plan on adding a category for Best Charlie Brown of Sex, but if they do Louis CK has that sucker locked up.

via HuffPoTV