Louis C.K. Is Selling His New Stand-Up Special ‘SORRY’ (And Other Past Specials) Online

Louis C.K.’s comeback is going better than most would have expected. (Or maybe not.) The comic and former TV god, who admitted to multiple accusations of sexual misconduct over four years ago, has seen his stand-up shows sell out. He even got a Grammy nomination, which caused some to wonder if “cancel culture” is even a real thing. Now he’s taking yet another step back to normalcy: He’s hawking a new stand-up special.

It’s called SORRY and it captures his appearance at Madison Square Garden on August 14 of this year. No audio or video has been made public about his more recent batch of shows, but reports have described him as — title be damned — “unapologetic.” Here’s how The Daily Beast described the very show that was immortalized and is now for sale:

“The comedian’s new material is not for the faint of heart. It has everything. “Child f*cker” jokes that include a very involved journey about being in possession of a little girl’s underwear, more pedophilia jokes with an emphasis on the Boy Scouts of America, COVID-19 jokes, jokes about staring into the human asshole, 9/11 jokes, gay jokes, Jew jokes, cancer jokes, a heavy helping of transgender jokes, and a sprinkling of additional race jokes. And tons of sex.”

He also discussed his “favorite sex position,” pantomimed gay sex, and suggested society implement child sex dolls so as to curb the actions of pedophiles.”

You can watch a clip below, in which he talks at some length about the 1997 motion picture Good Will Hunting.

In a press release, C.K. himself wrote, “I am very proud of this show and I feel confident that you will laugh fourteen or more times during it. It is, so far, my favorite show that I have personally generated.”

He’s selling the special for $10, but for $15 you can get both SORRY and a special he released last year, (Sincerely). For $25, you can get those plus five more: Live at the Comedy Store, Oh My God, Live at the Beacon Theater, Hilarious, and Chewed Up, all released before numerous skeletons came tumbling out of his closet.