The ‘Love Is Blind’ Sketch That ‘SNL’ Cut For Time Had A Sick Twist

Since we can now see what shows on Netflix are trending in America, we know that the nation’s streamers are obsessing over Love is Blind. That meant it was inevitable the show would be parodied on SNL, and that was, indeed, the case on Saturday.

In a cut-for-time sketch that the show posted on YouTube early Sunday, the sketch comedy show lampooned the insane concept of contestants isolating themselves and going on “dates” with strangers they fall in love with and get engaged to, all in a matter of days. Oh, and they never actually see who they are dating until they propose.

“It’s only been five days,” says Gabriel, 33, “But I’ve found the love of my life.”
The sketch is short, at just three minutes long, but it does play the hits if you’ve seen the off-the-wall Netflix reality show. Everyone has vague job descriptions (“picture taker” or “boss executive”) and speaks in cringe-worthy cliches about life and love. The voiceover to start the sketch really says it all.

“We make movies too good for the theatre and now reality shows too degrading for cable,” the voiceover said.

Episode host John Mulaney played Dirk in the sketch, which served more as a commercial for the series than anything. But this one had a twist: not only were all the contestants “truly desperate to get married,” they were also in quarantine because of the coronavirus. The contestants had a lot in common because they all loved to travel or had poor hygiene habits that got them potentially exposed in one way or another.

Perhaps the episode was cut for time because of all the other coronavirus material on the episode — Weekend Update did most of its segment about Trump and the handling of the outbreak — but it certainly hit the mark in lampooning one of the stranger pop culture phenomena in recent memory.