Lupita Nyong’o Has A Theory That Compares ‘Game Of Thrones’ To ‘Us’


There may not seem to be much overlap between Game of Thrones and Jordan Peele’s Us. One’s a deathless fantasy TV show that will live on in prequels and spin-offs long after its final season; the other is a one-off, cryptically metaphorical horror film that may or may not get a sequel. But ahead of tonight’s big battle, the latter’s star has an elaborate theory that doesn’t connect them so much as claim they may have something in common.

Lupita Nyong’o, the Oscar-winning actress who played both the heroine and her “tethered” doppelgänger in the box office behemoth, went to Twitter to lay out, over several tweets, her theory. And her theory is this: The “tethered” people of Us are a lot like the White Walkers of Game of Thrones. We’ll let the 12 Years a Slave alum lay it out.

Those comparisons, according to Nyong’o?

1. They come in silence but not in peace
2. They won’t stop until they kill errrrrrrrrybody
3. They wear block colors
4. They have a signature weapon
5. Their death stare does half the job
6. Their leaders could use some edge tamer
7. They could all use a drink of water and better dietary options

Nyong’o also presented, for posterity, some key differences.

Nyong’o pointed out that the White Walkers don’t “send out Save-the-Dates,” preferring “surprise visits.” Additionally, Tethereds are “about that fire,” whereas Walkers are “about that ice.” Tethereds are “friends of PETA,” taking kindly to bunnies; Walkers, “not so much.”

Nyong’o then dropped the mic.

She did pick it up again to hash it out with BBC News Africa, who agreed with her and asked who she thought would take the Iron Throne.

“Well the world is safe with Lady Mormont obvs,” wrote the actress, who evidently watches and thinks a lot about Game of Thrones. Academy Award-winning thespians: They’re just like us!