Hide Your Innocence, BBC's 'Luther' Is Coming Back For Season Three

It’s been so long since we’ve seen a new episode of BBC’s Luther, and almost as long since BBC actually announced there’d be a season three that I was beginning to worry that the drama would languish. But no: One of the 5 British series bleak enough to kick in your pretty American teeth is set to return. A couple of weeks ago, Idris Elba showed Luther’s Facebook fans a shot of the first episode’s script, and now the BBC has officially announced its return.

The details, according to the YouTube announcement: It’s set to film this month, and there will be four episodes in the third season. Will Alice be back? That remains an open question.

Keep in mind, too, that series’ creator Neil Cross has also expressed interest in a feature film following the third season, and potentially, a spin-off television mini-series centered on Alice.

More Luther, more Alice, and more Idris Elba? See, not all television news is bad these days. Besides, Elba needs something to occupy him until he takes over the James Bond franchise.