Will Forte Insists That The ‘MacGruber’ TV Series Will Be Too ‘Filthy’ For Network TV


February was a big month for fans of MacGruber, Will Forte‘s Saturday Night Live sketch turned cult classic comedy film. That’s when Jorma Taccone, the movie’s director and a member of fellow SNL alum Andy Samberg’s musical sketch group The Lonely Island, revealed in an interview that a MacGruber TV series was in the works. Forte confirmed as much in a subsequent episode of The Tonight Show. According to a more recent interview with the actor, however, it sounds like it will never appear on a network.

Speaking with IndieWire, Forte admitted that he, Taccone and The Last Man on Earth co-writer John Solomon have come up with some pretty “filthy ideas” for the series:

“I definitely was very proud of what we got to do with the show, especially in a network TV setting,” Forte said. “I felt like we did some pretty weird things, which you don’t always get a chance to do in that kind of setting. MacGruber is such a filthy situation, and I don’t know, there’s no way that this would ever be a network TV thing. This would be more likely some place that would let us say the F-word, and talk about penises for 90% of the show. That’s likely not gonna be a network thing.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the potential MacGruber series will never pop up on a broadcast or cable television network. (Nor, for that matter, does it mean that the MacGruber TV show will ever actually happen.) Yet considering some of the truly outrageous comedies that have popped up on Netflix, Hulu and other streamers, perhaps the long-awaited follow-up will finally find a new life at such a platform.

(Via IndieWire)