‘Mad Men’ And ‘The Simpsons’ Set Very Different Emmy Records This Weekend

08.18.14 4 years ago
betty draper


Old man? Check. Prestige drama? Check. Memorable scene? Check. Respected actor? Check. Dead (at least on the show)? Check. Mad Men star Robert Morse seemed as sure a lock as any to win an Emmy this year, but for the fifth time, Bert Cooper was shut out — Outstanding Guest Actor In a Drama Series went to Scandal‘s Joe Morton. Good thing the best things in life aren’t ugly trophies. Morse is in good company, though: Mad Men, widely considered one of the greatest TV shows of all-time, has now received 32 acting nominations. It’s yet to win one. Let’s see what that looks like.

Lead Actor In a Drama Series

2007-2008, Jon Hamm (lost to Bryan Cranston)
2008-2009, Jon Hamm (Bryan Cranston)
2009-2010, Jon Hamm (Bryan Cranston)
2010-2011, Jon Hamm (Kyle Chandler)
2011-2012, Jon Hamm (Damian Lewis)
2012-2013, Jon Hamm (Jeff Daniels)

Lead Actress In a Drama Series

2008-2009, Elisabeth Moss (Glenn Close)
2009-2010, January Jones (Kyra Sedgwick)
2010-2011, Elisabeth Moss (Julianna Margulies)
2011-2012, Elisabeth Moss (Claire Danes)
2012-2013, Elisabeth Moss (Claire Danes)

Outstanding Supporting Actor In a Drama Series

2007-2008, John Slattery (Željko Ivanek)
2008-2009, John Slattery (Michael Emerson)
2009-2010, John Slattery (Aaron Paul)
2010-2011, John Slattery (Peter Dinklage)
2011-2012, Jared Harris (Aaron Paul)

Outstanding Supporting Actress In a Drama Series

2009-2010, Christina Hendricks (Archie Panjabi)
2009-2010, Elisabeth Moss (Archie Panjabi)
2010-2011, Christina Hendricks (Margo Martindale)
2011-2012, Christina Hendricks (Maggie Smith)
2012-2013, Christina Hendricks (Anna Gunn)

Outstanding Guest Actor In a Drama Series

2007-2008, Robert Morse (Glynn Turman)
2009-2010, Robert Morse (John Lithgow)
2010-2011, Robert Morse (Paul McCrane)
2011-2012, Ben Feldman (Jeremy Davies)
2012-2013, Robert Morse (Dan Bucatinsky)
2012-2013, Harry Hamlin (Dan Bucatinsky)
2013-2014, Robert Morse (Joe Morton)

Outstanding Guest Actress In a Drama Series

2010-2011, Cara Buono (Loretta Devine)
2010-2011, Randee Heller (Loretta Devine)
2011-2012, Julia Ormond (Martha Plimpton)
2012-2013, Linda Cardellini (Carrie Preston)

Poor Pete Campbell. Doesn’t even get a chance to lose. But how does that make him feel?



As noted on Twitter, “Not only is Mad Men the fourth most nominated series for acting, it is the only one in the top ten with no Emmys to show for it.” Meanwhile, Harry Shearer won Best Character Voice-Over performance category for his work on The Simpsons, so now every single member of the core voice cast has won an Emmy, something no other show with such a large ensemble has ever pulled off. Shearer celebrated by throwing the award off his balcony.

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