‘Mad Men’ Had Its Own Joffrey-Slapping Moment Last Night

In the Great Uproxx Sunday Night Television Compromise of 2012, we here at Warming Glow were able to claim the discussion/GIF posts for “Game of Thrones,” while our colleagues at the Uproxx mothership were awarded the same related to “Mad Men.” For the most part, we have been pleased with this outcome. For all the slow-burning intensity and deep character study on “Mad Men,” there’s just something about gratuitous nudity and GIFs of insufferable child monarchs getting slapped in the face that really does it for us. We are simple people with simple desires.

BUT, every now and then, “Mad Men” goes all holy crap on us, and it feels like the type of thing we would be irresponsible to not mention here. Last night was one of those nights, for two important reasons (screencapped and GIFed by the inimitable @bubbaprog): First of all, Don’s jacket (see above). It is so loud and disorienting that I imagine people assume a helicopter is hovering nearby whenever he enters a room. I must have it at once. Second, the GIF posted below, which is “Mad Men’s” own “Joffrey getting slapped” moment. It was a long time coming, and it was delicious. I recommend you watch it for 10-15 minutes straight, then head over to the main page for their discussion thread and talk about how great it is.