The ‘Lethal Weapon’ TV Reboot Casts A ‘Mad Men’ Alum Opposite Damon Wayans

You may know him best as ad man Teddy Chaough-gh-gh from Mad Men, but Kevin Rahm is eager to show audiences that he can be other things besides a buttoned up partner to the leading man. So of course his next major project is… a buttoned up supporting character to the leading man. In case you forgot the general gist of the show, it has the cop partners you know and love in Martin Riggs, at this point uncast, and Roger Murtaugh, who will be played by the always-welcome Damon Wayans. Rahm will be the voice of reason, we assume, as Captain Avery.

Now, it may seem as if Rahm is set to be the unfunny and stern overlord to the cop pairing. Not to worry though, as the official character description gives some hints as to a cop with a lighter side. According to Deadline,

Rahm will play the successful yet humble Captain Avery, more politician than cop, dressing the part of top brass since his early days as Murtaugh’s partner. Avery, who paired up Murtaugh with Riggs, hoping the younger cop can put a little vigor back in Murtaugh’s career, enjoys the corner office that came with his recent promotion to Captain.

For someone to make it through being Murtaugh’s partner, we’re betting he has to have some sort of sarcastic side. Plus, anybody that pairs up these two isn’t just doing it out of his duties as a leader. There just has to be a cheekier side hiding behind his badge and sense of honor to the shield, has to be! Now the only major role left to be filled is Riggs himself. Chris Hemsworth may be too big a star to still be in the running, but we can always dream.

(Via Deadline)