‘Mad Men’ Season Six Official Promo Pictures: Pete Campbell Has Sideburns Now

As we discussed yesterday, Mad Men will return for its sixth season on April 7, and will open with “a two-hour film.” While that news was certainly welcome and exciting, it was missing one crucial element: Pictures. The show is so visually stunning between the cinematography and the very, very pretty people who act in it that not having anything to feast my eyes on left me starving — nay, FAMISHED — for a glimpse. Luckily AMC has given us all a little nibble with these black and white pictures of Don, Roger, Joan, and the whole Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce family enjoying themselves at a very fancy par-… [looks closely at banner image]

Hold on. Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooold on. Pete Campbell has sideburns now? Oh God, what a boob. I mean, it’s not that growing sideburns makes you a boob by default — although there is an extremely high level of difficulty at play — but it’s just, like, of course Pete Campbell would be the first guy in the office to rock sideburns, you know? Sure, he works with a bunch of old fuddy-duddies who liked the late-1950s just fine thank you very much, and yeah, he’s a well to-do young man in the Big Apple circa 1970-something, but come on. It’s such a Pete Campbell move. I hope by the series finale he grows a sad little wispy mustache, shows up to the office in an awful leisure suit with a collar t—h—i—s wide, and then an alligator walks right through the front door and eats him bones and all.

Pete Campbell is the worst.

Images via Buzzfeed, photo credit AMC