Here’s The Tokin’ Don Draper GIF You Didn’t Know You Needed

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06.02.13 24 Comments

Almost as if Weiner & Co. knew ahead of time we’d need some lightening up after a particularly devastating Game of Thrones, they delivered one of the best Mad Men episodes of the season, devoid of any conspiracy theories come true, but complete with Roger Sterling at his Sterling best, Joan + Peggy claiming title to tag team champions of the world, and, of course, Don Draper and the hashish.

Full recap tomorrow, but until then, let Don mellow you into Monday. And if that’s not your thing here’s Roger getting get-punched by a man never short on entertainment value: Mr. Danny Siegel…

Smokin’ Pete Campbell GIF to come. Swear. (UPDATE: Chet Manley to the rescue.)

GIFs via Chet Manley

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