Maggie From ‘The Walking Dead’ Has A History With Awkward Topless Scenes

In one of the best moments from Sunday’s “nail-chewing” episode of The Walking Dead, the Governor (played by the sweaty creepy David “Not That” Morrissey) makes Maggie (Lauren Cohan) take her shirt off, because he’s sweaty and creepy and why didn’t Glenn immediately give Maggie his shirt when they reunited? Not cool, bro. Cohan, who’s been an ass-kicking revelation this season, played the tense scene perfectly.

But long before she “put some hair on [Glenn’s] balls,” to quote Merle, which ew, Cohan was in Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj, the Ryan Reynolds-less sequel to Van Wilder, which ew. She played Charlotte Higginson, an “English beauty,” according to Wikipedia, who SPOILER ALERT falls in love with Taj (Kal Penn). Naturally, due to the film being a National Lampoon production, there are numerous hilarity-ensuing scenes in which said hilarity ensues while someone’s topless, including Maggie Greene herself. Here it is (NSFW-ish).

A couple of things:

1. Taj’s full name is Taj Mahal Badalandabad. That’s not in the clip, but it’s worth stating.

2. I wonder if Penn or Cohan hates the existence of The Rise of Taj more?

3. At any point during Walking Dead filming, do you think Cohan said to herself, “OK, Lauren, you can do this. You’ve already awkwardly covered your breasts once before, and you can do it again. Just remember what the director of The Rise of Taj told you before shooting: ‘Let’s finish this crap and take a break. I got a mad crazy-like hunger for some Chicken McNuggets.’ Wait that’s terrible advice. The hell was I thinking?”

4. The answer to #2 is Cohan.