Olivia Munn And Chrissy Teigen Are Two-And-A-Half Star Strippers In Ellen’s ‘Magic Mike’ Reboot

A lot has been made about this summer season at the cinema, and how terrible it is. For every one good movie, like Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, we get five Warcraft/Independence Day: Resurgence/Alice Through the Looking Glass/The Angry Birds Movie/Suicide Squad stinkers. But the problem with summer 2016 isn’t the duds — it’s the lack of Magic Mike XXL. The oily sequel to 2012’s Magic Mike was one of last year’s most purely enjoyable movies. If Magic Mike XXL were a stripper, you’d slip him a $500 bill.

Unfortunately, there will be no Magic Mike XXXL. “The third installment will be the [Vegas live show], and I think it has to evolve past these guys,” said Channing Tatum, much to the dismay of everyone who enjoyed watching Joe Manganiello grind against a soda machine to Backstreet Boys (literally everyone). But the Big Dick-verse will live on elsewhere, like on Ellen.

Host Ellen DeGeneres invited Jenna Dewan Tatum (C-Tates’ wife), Olivia Munn, Chrissy Teigen, and Oprah Winfrey, sort of, to star in Magic Mike‘s all-female reboot, Magic Michelle. “This fall, Hillary’s not the only one bringing women to the poles,” the narrator teases. Something tells me Magic Michelle won’t be nearly as controversial as Ghostbusters: Answer the Call.