Maisie Williams Endorses Idris Elba (Or Herself) As The Next ‘Doctor Who’ Star

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If he’s lucky and fans get their way, Idris Elba could be a very busy man in the very near future. Not only is he decidedly the public’s frontrunner to take over for Daniel Craig as the next James Bond, but now his public campaigned him to be the next Doctor on Doctor Who too. At a recent evening out at The Evening Standard’s British Film Awards, Maisie Williams said what’s been on many people’s minds in regards to diversifying the types of actors who step into the shoes of Britain’s favorite man in a time traveling police call box:

“I think a black Doctor would be incredible, I’m all for Idris Elba.”

Of course, Maisie would be set and ready to go if Idris couldn’t make the opportunity work with his busy schedule. The actress, who appeared on multiple episodes of Doctor Who‘s 9th series in an important guest role, said she would “take it for the team and do it” if she was asked to step into his shoes. (Mostly jokingly of course, as she has other things in the works right now such as figuring out how to get back at people for the whole “Red Wedding” business).

If none of these roles pan out for the Luther and Beasts of No Nation star (and part-time DJ), then maybe he could find solace as the third part of a love triangle in the next season of The X-Files or as a swashbuckling pirate in Game of Thrones alongside Ms. Williams herself. If he miraculously does become James Bond, The Doctor, a Scully sidekick, and a Lannister enemy, then he could be the first man to truly test his ability to please all of the most picky fandoms on Earth.

(via Entertainment Weekly)