Watch ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams Talk About Her Experiences With Awful Internet Trolls

As Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, Maisie Williams is nothing less than bad ass. One of the few remaining members of the Stark family, the girl’s had to put up with a lot of torment. She was basically Tywin Lannister’s butler for a couple of episodes, then killed a few people, found herself captured by The Hound, and then had to deal with his grumpy ass carting her around Westeros for an entire season. Let’s not forget that pretty much everyone she’s ever loved has been brutally murdered. Still, through all that, the only thing that really bothers Arya Stark is the fact that she hasn’t crossed off more names on that list of hers.

But while the youngest (and only) Lady Stark doesn’t have a problem dealing with haters, the actress playing her is admitting she isn’t as tough as her on-screen alter ego, at least not when it comes to those internet trolls.

Part of promoting her new made-for-TV movie Cyberbully involved Williams coming clean about her own issues dealing with hateful messaging online, and things got real when the actress revealed how much bullying she’s dealt with since becoming famous:

Trolls on the internet, I encounter first-hand, all the time. As soon as they find something that you’re insecure about or that bothers you they will use that against you which is awful.

We have a suggestion for dealing with all the d-bags out there Maisie. Just stick em with the pointy end.