Marc Maron’s ‘From Bleak To Dark’ Trailer Takes Us To The Comedian’s Happy Place Of Sadness

He’s Marc Maron, and he’s here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff. The trailer for the stand-up legend’s new special, From Bleak To Dark, is a crushing delight that doesn’t need to come with free anti-depressants because Maron’s uniquely vulnerable perspective on the human condition gives us the space to laugh through the worst of times. Plus, there’s good news: everything is going to get even worse.

The HBO comedy special is set for February 11th, a date which cannot get here fast enough. All good doctors know that Maron’s comedy is the best medicine for a sardonic era.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Legendary comedian and podcaster Marc Maron stars in his first-ever HBO comedy special filmed in front of a live audience at New York City’s Town Hall. Over the course of a hilarious and deeply personal hour, Maron explores such universal topics as getting older, antisemitism and faith, and the superiority of having cats over children – especially during the pandemic. The comedian also opens up about the loss of his partner in 2020 and reestablishing his complicated relationship with his father. Funny and fearless, Marc Maron: From Bleak To Dark showcases the comedian’s expertly layered cynicism as he deftly weaves humor and pathos into his signature style of storytelling.”

If it seemed impossible for Maron to get any more personal than he already is, this special appears to make it happen. Let’s call go laughing into the darkness, together, shall we?