Marc Maron Outlined His Rules Of Pornography On ‘Conan’ Last Night

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05.08.13 17 Comments

America’s favorite podcaster, Marc Maron, dropped by Conan last night to discuss his new book and IFC show, so the conversation of course turned to pornography almost immediately (actually a chapter in the book is dedicated to the subject). In the first 1:30 of the clip below Maron outlines his world views on porn usage (which unsurprisingly come with a heaping of self-loathing) only for Andy Richter to deliver the funniest line in late night television last night. Seriously, watch at least that much.

If you stick around from there the three delve into a middle-aged man conversation about what a rare and exotic thing pornography was when they were kids as opposed to nowadays where it’s difficult to avoid when you’re online. The entire convo is classic Maron, with enough Conan/Richter to keep things from getting too depressing. Enjoy you pornheads…

Can’t get enough? Here’s Maron reflecting on the time an old Jewish man talked him into trying Viagra.

“Angry fist in my pants” will be recycled early and often.

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