Marge And Homer Simpson Reply To Separation Rumors By Mocking CNN

The internet found another reason to dislike Lena Dunham when Simpsons showrunner Al Jean said that in the Season 27 premiere, Marge and Homer would be separating, and he’d fall in love with a pharmacist voiced by the Girls creator. The collective response was one long Marge groan, but the happy couple wants you to know that everything’s going to be fine, which, spoiler.

The Simpsons released a video showing Marge and Homer under a “Together Forever” banner, which is only half as romantic as his only love letter. It’s a chance to make a potshot at CNN (“The story was first reported on CNN, then the real news started reporting it all over the world…”), and also for Homer to prove once again why he doesn’t deserve Marge’s love.

I’m sure Jacques is still waiting for her. Probably at a brunch spot.

(Via FOX)