‘The Walking Dead’ Has Cast Its First New Character For Season 11

The tenth season finale of The Walking Dead has not yet aired (although, we can expect an air date to be announced tomorrow), and no timetable has yet been set on when production will begin on the 11th season of The Walking Dead. This week, however, AMC at least began to put a crucial piece in place for when production does finally ramp up on the series, which in some ways, feels like progress. Not that there was any doubt, but the casting move at least says, “Yes, there will be a season 11 of The Walking Dead!”

The network has cast Margot Bingham in an unspecified role on season 11 of the show. We can guess what her role will be, however, because Bingham is not exactly new to the series. She has provided voiceover work for Stephanie, the mysterious woman with whom Eugene has not only been speaking on the radio, but who he, Yumiko, and Ezekiel have journeyed to meet, along with the show’s newest character, Princess.

In other words, Bingham sort of solves that mystery, inasmuch as we will know what Stephanie will look like (although, we still don’t know who is under the ninja mask). Stephanie is expected by many be the link to The Commonwealth, a city of 50,000 that is expected to be the subject of the story’s next major storyline. It figures that The Walking Dead would move from a more rural setting to a more urban one during a pandemic!

Bingham is best known now for a recurring role on NBC’s hospital drama, New Amsterdam, and a Netflix series based on a Spike Lee movie, She’s Gotta Have It. Boardwalk Empire fans may also remember her as Daughter Maitland.

With her entering as a cast member in season 11, don’t rule out the possibility that she also makes an appearance in the season 10 finale. We’ll find out during Friday’s Comic Con event when exactly that will air.

Source: Deadline