The 11th Season Finale Of ‘The Walking Dead’ May Be A Mind-Blowing Game Changer

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Here’s the reality of The Walking Dead graphic novels: It’s always been a popular comic series, and it will probably always remain a popular series, but the graphic novels — like the television series — lost a number of fans during the All Out War. For both the television series and the comic books, the introduction of Negan and the death of Glenn were a high water mark — issue #100 was the biggest selling issue of not only The Walking Dead, but of any comic in the 21st century up to that point (sales of Issue #163 actually broke that record, but it had the benefit of being sold for $.25 as a part of a huge promotion from Image Comics).

The point is, even as a huge fan of The Walking Dead, I will concede that the comic lost some narrative momentum after Issue #100. There’s still a lot of exciting things coming, including The Whisperers War (which will be more difficult to pull off without a certain character), several major-minor deaths, the death of Andrea (which could signal the demise of fan favorite on the TV show), and a fun forthcoming hook up between two beloved characters.

However, nothing in the next 50 issues of the comics will shake up the series as much as Issue #175, which — if the TV series continues to follow its same trajectory — should arrive on the AMC show around the time of the season 11 finale. It’s going to completely upend the series in the best possible way.

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