Stephen Colbert And Marion Cotillard Prove That Everything Sounds More Interesting In French

Despite having quite the French-sounding name, Stephen Colbert is not French. He just churches up the name a bit and has a lot of fun with it all. This hasn’t stopped him from admiring the French culture from time to time, including their intriguing language. So, with that in mind, and with Marion Cotillard’s assistance, Colbert went on to prove that anything from the re-examination of Babe 2: Pig in the City to swamp ass sound much more intriguing when speaking in French. It all sounds so elegant!

Of course, some of us came to this realization in the late ’90s, when Freakazoid taught us how to play off farts in French…

… as did Kenan Thompson way before signing off on all those SNL YouTube clips. I guess some concepts just hold up over time.

(Via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)