Matt Smith Has Been Called A ‘F*cking Genius’ For His Suggestion While Shooting The ‘House Of The Dragon’ Finale

HBO’s House of the Dragon season one ended with an instantly iconic shot. Maybe not as iconic as the final shot in the first season of Game of Thrones (less dragons and nudity, at least), but Princess Rhaenyra, I mean, Queen Rhaenyra staring into the camera full of fury after learning about the death of her son Lucerys is plenty memorable.

And we partially have Matt Smith to thank for it.

Emma D’Arcy (Rhaenyra) told British GQ that they were “nervous” to shoot the final scene “because by that point, there had been so many kinds of mountainous shapes in the landscape of that episode. I wanted to find clarity with a new kind of earth-shaking piece of news. But I actually had the most beautiful day of shooting.” D’Arcy also credited “f*cking genius” Matt Smith (Daemon) for suggesting “the idea that Daemon should give Rhaenyra the news while we’re both walking away from camera, towards the fireplace.”

They continued, “It was a sublime choice, and I could see it instantly. We’ve sort of touched on it, but I think losing a child, losing her son, it reframes grief immediately.” Add this to the list of reasons why Smith is so damn good on House of the Dragon.

(Via British GQ)