A ‘Mayans M.C.’ Actor Had The Perfect Reaction On The Day After The Show Killed Off Their Character

(You gotta realize that Mayans M.C. spoilers will be found below.)

Elgin James has been riding solo in the Mayans M.C. showrunner seat for years, and Kurt Sutter hasn’t been involved with the day-to-day operations of the Sons Of Anarchy spinoff since he (in his words) “ruffled a few mouse ears.” Still, one can expect any final season in this universe to go down with several gut-wrenching, ultra-jarring deaths.

Fans already lost Coco (in a scene that people compared to the death of Opie) last season, but man, this season has been merciless. In the past few episodes alone, fans have bid farewell to not only Creeper but also Luisa, a.k.a., “Adelita,” and that second death was particularly upsetting because she was killed by her mentee, Mini, immediately after Luisa had passed the Adelita mantle. And this week, we lost Hope.

By that, I mean that the character Hope met her demise, but “hope” also pretty much vanished from this show, too. Hope (Vanessa Giselle) decided to take herself out in order to set Letty (Emily Tosta) free, since they would always be chased together, no matter where they ran. This was endlessly heartbreaking because Letty had saved Hope from falling back into addiction after Coco’s death, and their newfound sisterhood was one of the sweetest bonds of the series. And in taking herself out, Hope kind-of pulled a Jax Teller by stepping in front of a truck.

I mean, hell. They could have had El Padrino take out power-hungry EZ (and I suppose this is still possible), but nope, they did this instead. Oh no.

In the harsh light of day, Vanessa Giselle apparently woke up with her sense of humor intact. “For some reason, I woke up feeling like I got hit by a truck last night,” she tweeted. “Hope you’re all having a good day though!”

In response to a “too soon” from a viewer, Vanessa added, “I literally did wake up sick today! In bed rn. So it’s trueeeee.”

Fair enough. RIP, Hope.

Only two episodes remain until Mayans M.C. rides into the sunset.