‘Mayans M.C.’ Star J.D. Pardo Will Make His Directorial Debut During The Biker Drama’s Fifth Season

I’m not sure how I currently feel about Mayans M.C. lead character EZ Reyes going into the Sons Of Anarchy spinoff’s final season. He pulled off a coup and essentially installed himself as Santo Padre chapter president, and he is seemingly about to send the club to their demise. He’s gone off the rails in a massive way, and I’m not sure that the setup for this transformation is as believable as Jax Teller going off the rails, but perhaps that comparison isn’t a fair one to make. I am, however, certain that I miss the days of EZ and Angel playing mini golf, and actor JD Pardo is unquestionably talented.

Pardo will soon show the Mayans M.C. audience his talents behind the camera, too, as first reported by Variety. This adds even more heft to Pardo’s previous declaration about the “final season” status being a creative decision and not a cancellation. EZ might get the whole club cancelled, though, and at this point, I’m hoping that Alvarez can somehow save the day, and Angel can escape to that fabled nut farm. Variety notes that this episode will follow upon a “fatal error,” and they must make an “unlikely alliance” while stumbling within their “new trade” [cough].

Pardo discussed his move into directing, and he sounds jazzed:

“Directing has been a place, I feel, I was always destined to go,” Pardo said. “Elgin and I would speak about it often. I absolutely loved getting behind camera and understanding the relationship between the performance as an actor in the scene and the visual image needed to convey that life to the audience. In my last season of ‘Mayans,’ it’s all about entertaining the audience by giving them an emotional experience. Directing [this episode] deepened my love for cinema.”

Many years after Pardo was part of the Twilight universe, he’s about to launch another new phase of his career. In doing so, he follows in the footsteps of co-star Danny Pino’s own directorial debut in a particularly gorgeous episode of Season 4.

Mayans M.C. will begin its final ride on May 24.

(Via Variety)