‘Mayans M.C’s J.D. Pardo Gently Called Out Strike Vouchers: ‘I Can’t Talk About My Show That Ended After 6 Years Of Hard Work’

(Spoilers from Mayans M.C. will be found below.)

The cast and crew of FX’s Mayans M.C. made the choice to end the Sons Of Anarchy spinoff after five seasons, and the finale actually ended up being more shattering (although more fitting) than that of its predecessor. Unfortunately, the finale aired during the first week of the SAG-AFTRA strike, meaning that the cast couldn’t engage in their customary live tweeting of the episode. That’s a bummer for the show’s rabid audience, too, especially after witnessing the frequently devastating journey of this club and its surrounding characters.

Heck, we were fortunate enough to talk with J.D. for a finale postmortem right in the nick of time — a few hours before the strike was called. Selfishly, I’ll say that helped me deal with the fallout of watching a majority of the show’s long-term characters bite the dust with only Angel making it out of the club alive (although I still don’t know if he was able to move into the nut farm business). Meanwhile, J.D. Pardo feels the lure of unfinished business. And yes, the whole select “voucher” thing sounds like a real raw deal for every actor wanting to talk about their completed work.

While fielding inquiries from fans about the finale, Pardo hinted at some possible frustration at seeing “vouchers” handed out to select filming projects, but he cannot simply tweet about his finale:

“I’d love to talk about the show, finale, and character once the SAG strike is over. P.S. I do find it funny that vouchers are being handed out to continue filming, but I can’t talk about my show that ended after 6 years of hard work.”

Fingers crossed that we’ll see a resolution for SAG-AFTRA faster than the slow progress coming for the WGA strikers, who are reaching 100 days on the picket lines. Deadline newly reports that studios actually want to talk with writers again, starting on Friday, so we’ll see if any progress is made at the table and hope for the actors to get their turn sooner rather than later.

(Via J.D. Pardo on Twitter)