It Sure Sounds Like Mayim Bialik Is Gunning For The Full-Time ‘Jeopardy!’ Hosting Gig

The Mike Richards-hosting-not-hosting-not-even-producing fiasco continues to settle at Jeopardy! while producers continue to work on a permanent solution. Mayim Bialik, who was originally tapped for the primetime hosting thing, will now finish the syndicated season while sharing hosting duties with Ken Jennings. She’s recently edged into discussing the dust-up while admitting that she initially wondered, “How can I help?”

That desire to help has now shifted into a new gear. It’s worth noting that TMZ previously reported that producers originally wanted to give Mayim the full-time hosting job, but she was too booked up with other commitments. Now, things have apparently changed, and maybe Jennings (who was previously, and reportedly, ruled out over bad tweets) is a true contender these days? Well, Mayim has officially put her hat in the ring in a very public way during a Glamour interview when she was asked if it was “safe” to assume that she wanted the permanent hosting job. Here’s her unequivocal-sounding answer:

“I think it’s very clear. There’s no other job I would rather have. I love my sitcom work, I do. I love all the other things I do. I love the podcast. But I absolutely have never had a better job.”

Mayim also added more texture to her bid, including a declaration of how she loves the predictable schedule, and how the cast and crew can all appreciate that on this particular game show. In addition, she credits Jeopardy! as being “known as a low-drama, no-drama form of entertainment. That’s how it should be.” She was likely speaking in terms of “stability” for the staff and the audience, in terms of scheduling and reliability, too, but oh boy, how awkward. Because Mike Richards did bring the drama.

(Via Glamour)