A Beloved Bill Burr Bit About McDonalds’ Breakfast Is Going Viral For A Pretty Great Reason

Bill Burr has a wide range of strong opinions. He thinks gun licenses should be as hard to get as pilot licenses. He thinks referees have ruined the NBA. He thinks COVID should be deadlier, if anything. The comic also doesn’t like present day McDonald’s. In his 2017 special Walk Your Way Out, he railed against the fast food joint for adding healthy(ish) food to their menus: “Dude, this is McDonald’s. This s*it is poison. Who the f*ck comes here to get in shape?”

He also doesn’t like that they started serving breakfast all day, which he feels is them kowtowing to some very questionable customer whims. In a memorable rant, Burr proposes what he’d do if he was running the fast food giant: He’d bring back Ronald McDonald, whose presence has been greatly decreased in the last couple decades, and he’d angrily tell people to get up early if they want breakfast.

Turns out some McDonald’s workers agreed with him.

An image taken by some random Twitterer finds a McDonald’s in an unidentified location had posted Burr’s rant at their drive-thru, sternly telling people to not order breakfast past 10:30am. Below is the full rant, transcribed from Walk Your Way Out, which he delivers as an angry Ronald McDonald, whom Burr simply calls “that clown”:

Look, if you can’t get your fat ass down here by 10:30 in the morning, you’re gettin’ a burger. Alright? The clown ain’t finished! I’m not making pancakes at 3:00 in the afternoon because you did blow all night with your friends and you’re just getting your s*it together. Make no mistake: this is a burger joint. It’s always been a burger joint. We did that breakfast thing as a favor. We were just trying to freak out IHoP. ‘Oh, we’re doin’ it, too! We’re doin’ it, too!’ Your own mother won’t make you pancakes at 3:00 in the afternoon. So get your fat ass or your drugged-up ass down here before 10:30. We decide, it’s our place, we tell you what the f*ck we’re making, all right?

That said, eggs for any time of day shouldn’t be a crime. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice shakshuka for dinner? Pancakes, however…

You can watch the clip from Burr’s special below. The rant begins around the 8:00 mark.