McKayla Maroney And Rachel Bilson Will Be Unimpressed Together On ‘Hart Of Dixie’

Two of the things in life that I loved completely and unequivocally were Summer Roberts from The O.C. (played by Rachel Bilson) and McKayla Maroney’s entire Mean Girls shtick at the Olympics this summer, so this news could not possibly be more up my alley unless they also somehow shoehorn in a B-story about Nicolas Cage and Keanu Reeves hunting for treasure or something. Fingers crossed.

Following in the footsteps of Ryan Lochte and teammate Gabby Douglas, gold-medal winning gymnast McKayla Maroney is guest starring in a season two episode of the medical drama Hart of Dixie, the network confirms.

Maroney will play Tonya, a friend of Rose’s (McKaley Miller), who comes to her defense, in an upcoming episode of Rachel Bilson’s charming series. [E! Online]

Full Disclosure: I have never watched Hart of Dixie, and I probably won’t watch this episode, either. I just like that this is happening as a general principle. McKayla Maroney and her not impressed face took the Internet by storm this summer because it is 2012 and that is the kind of thing that happens now, but it is important to remember that other people have been unimpressed with stuff, too. Like Summer Roberts. She wasn’t impressed by anything. That’s why this news excites me — because it means that there is a possibility that McKayla Maroney and Rachel Bilson will spend a full hour making stink faces at people in primetime. In a way, it was all building to that, and I think we should stop to appreciate it now that it’s here.

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