McNulty Will Star in British ‘Mad Men’

11.10.10 7 years ago 24 Comments

You’ll have to excuse any typos in this post, because I’m writing this while breathing into a paper bag: The BBC is going to make a “Mad Men”-like ’50s drama called “The Hour” that will star Dominic West, better known to American audiences as Jimmy McNulty from “The Wire.”

The six-part series, set behind the scenes of a topical news programme in 1956 London, is being hailed as the British equivalent to stylish US show Mad Men…

Set to be a suave and sexy period piece in the mould of the popular retro drama, the series follows the lives of three journalists embroiled in a complex love triangle, who must contend with a mysterious murder set against a decade on the threshold of change, and will include the gender politics and retro glamour that made the American show such a hit. [Sky TV]

The only place with better retro fashion than New York in the 1960s is London in the 1950s. And the star is the actor who played my favorite character in my favorite show of all time.* Good Lord, I want this show inside of me so that I can have its babies.

*Yes, I prefer McNulty to Omar: I identify with self-destructive drunks.

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