Meat Loaf Will Guest Star on 'Fairly Legal'

02.23.12 13 Comments

Sarah Shahi is also in "Fairly Legal," and is much prettier than Meat Loaf

The second season of the USA drama “Fairly Legal” premieres March 16, and TV Line has some exclusive casting news:

The rocker-slash-actor, born Marvin Lee Aday, will guest-star in Episode 9 as Charlie DeKay, an old-school, blue-collar transportation union boss with a dirty mouth who wields an iron fist as he threatens to bring San Francisco to a halt in order to protect his workers. Enter Sarah Shahi’s Kate Reed, as your preternaturally telegenic mediator.

Jesus Christ, I can’t believe I’m actually doing a post on this story. TV news is that slow today. I mean, Meat Loaf on “Fairly Legal”? For the love of God. It sounds more like a threat than actual TV news. Like, “Dammit, DG. Get your pageviews up by the end of the month, or I swear to God you’ll end up sitting in your mother’s basement doing posts about MEAT LOAF guest-starring on ‘Fairly Legal.’ Don’t test me.” This is depressing.

You know what? Screw it. Here’s a video of a dog jumping on a trampoline. Let’s pretend this never happened.

Image via Shuttersock, dog video via HuffPo

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