Meghan Trainor’s Heels And Sense Of Balance Betray Her On ‘The Tonight Show’

Meghan Trainor’s album Thank You drops on May 13. Yes, that’s Friday the 13th. Perhaps that explains why she dropped so hard before her album does. The singer-songwriter went on The Tonight Show in the hopes of generating interest in her latest offering to the musical world, but her performance will likely be remembered for what came immediately after the conclusion of the track. Thanks to Trainor’s heels, a slippery mic, or perhaps even a Friday the 13th curse, Meghan Trainor fell and fell hard.

I’ve watched the clip a few dozen times now, and it’s impossible to tell what really happens. One moment she’s feeling the groove, the next thing you know, she’s on the floor, man.

Luckily, Jimmy Fallon is there to assuage Trainor in her time of need. Fallon was quick on his feet (the pun, I didn’t intend for it) and joined Trainor on the ground where you could hear him say, “this is just one of those things.” To which she said, “I’m sorry.” It was a sweet moment. Everyone is happy. Ironically, she got a standing ovation.

Either way, let the lesson be that you shouldn’t drop an album on Friday the 13th unless you want to get dropped yourself.