Louis CK Says He Won’t Watch ‘The Daily Show’ After Jon Stewart Leaves

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02.20.15 24 Comments
Louis CK

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If you’re a regular Daily Show viewer and someone who has been watching the news following Jon Stewart’s retirement announcement, then you probably have your own future-host wishlist, but Louis CK doesn’t seem to care about who comes next.

When Esquire asked C.K. about Stewart’s departure on the red carpet at SNL’s 40th-anniversary special, the comedian’s reaction was grim.

“I think that was his show, it’s his show,” C.K. told us. “I probably won’t watch whoever it is. I love Jon Stewart.”

That’s tough but fair, and it’s also an example of a decision that we’re all going to have to make when Stewart leaves, because by virtue of his greatness, that show is going to instantly lose some of its magnetic pull when someone else is behind the Daily Show desk. That’s why it’s so important for Comedy Central to get this right. But while we have no earthly idea who is on their list of potentials, former Daily Show correspondent and current Weekend Update host has a pretty solid take on who would be right for the job.

“Aw man, that’s a tough act to follow. I really feel for the person that has to follow Jon Stewart’s footsteps because he’s an amazing performer,” Che told Esquire. “How do you follow Jon Stewart? It has to be somebody that has a completely different thing that can bring a lot to it… But somebody can do it. […]

“I’d like to see Norm do it! That’d be fun!” Che said. “The Daily Show with Norm Macdonald? That’d be hilarious… He’d probably run me out of business and be the funniest guy doing news. That’d be great to see.”

Macdonald — who let the world know about Eddie Murphy’s planned role at the SNL 40th Anniversary Special this week — is a beloved figure among comedy nerds who unsuccessfully and wonderfully campaigned for the Late Late Show hosting gig after Craig Ferguson announced that he was leaving. He also hosted a web talk show called Norm Macdonald Live and hosted Weekend Update in the late 90s before getting the ax. So to say that Macdonald is qualified would be an understatement, but he was also qualified for the Late Late Show gig and now we have a chipper british song and dance man headed for that job, so who knows? The bottom line is: Michael Che’s idea is no worse than any of the other ones that have been filtering out there and it’s a bit better than some of them. Also, Louis CK is definitely not going to host The Daily Show.

(Source: Esquire)

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