Michael Che Going ‘Undercover’ As A Liberal White Woman Calls Back To Eddie Murphy’s ‘SNL’ Days

Michael Che is aware he has said some things on SNL to offend people in the past, pointing out that the outrage mostly comes from liberal white women. So to try and find out why and possibly better in the future, Che undergoes a transformation to become a white girl named Gretchen. He finds the perfect wig, the best outfit, starts reading Lena Dunham’s book, dives deep into the mindset of your typical liberal white woman.

And it works! He is welcomed into the group of women and seems to grow along with them, although it doesn’t fool everybody. Still, it’s fun and it also seems to be a nod to Eddie Murphy’s classic sketch where he goes undercover as a white man to see how they live. Che doesn’t put on any makeup, probably making his a bit funnier because he still gets away with it. Both have that absurdity element at play while dancing around the serious issues, but Che just updates the whole idea well for current SNL viewers. Perfect to live online.

Also, he just looks ridiculous the whole time and that really sells the entire thing. He also finds out the glory of wine in the daytime without any judgment.

Feel free to compare Che’s above to Eddie Murphy’s below.

(Via SNL)

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