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Disgraced NFL quarterback/convicted dogfighter Michael Vick is due for release from federal prison in July, and he is reportedly in talks with various producers about leaving the hoosegow and walking directly into a reality show.

The proposed docu-series would follow Vick starting July 20, the day of his scheduled release from federal custody, and show him trying to “make amends for his past.” […]

His attorneys…  told a judge this month at a bankruptcy hearing that Vick has agreed to a “television documentary deal” that will pay him $600,000. That amount is only the tip of what Vick is asking for, however. He wants a high dollar figure for his participation in the show, plus really needs the cash; he reportedly owes millions to creditors.

Another question is which network would be tempted by a Vick reality show. Insiders place bets on A&E and Spike TV as likely first stops. “It sure won’t be on Animal Planet,” more than one source quipped.

Ooohhhh, burn.  Great quotes from TV insiders Zing Crosby and Zingo Starr.  You see, Animal Planet is all about liking animals, and Michael Vick killed dogs.  It’s funny because they stated the obvious.

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