Miley Cyrus Threatens To Get Really Naked When She Hosts The ‘SNL’ Premiere In These Promos

Miley Cyrus, the pot-loving nemesis of Nicki Minaj, is hosting the premiere of Saturday Night Live’s 41st season. She’s also the musical guest. So what’s Miley going to do to make the evening a smashing success (and also a special occasion)? Apparently, she’s gonna take all her clothes off and let it all hang out. Maybe. But not if Taran Killam has anything to do with it.

The revelations of Miley’s possible nudity comes from the promos for this weekend’s episode of SNL. In the video, Miley says she’ll host the show with or without clothes on and also asks Killam what pants are. Doesn’t seem like Killam’s too excited about what the censors might think of a naked Cyrus on national television, but with an album entitled Can’t Be Tamed and a video in which the singer licks tools and rides a wrecking ball naked, it’s unlikely that anyone’s going to stop her from taking it all off.

Should be a fun show. Whether you like Miley’s antics or not, there’s no denying that the actress and singer is pretty good at not taking herself seriously. Let’s just hope she makes another appearance on Vanessa Bayer’s brilliant The Miley Cyrus Show. That would be pretty cool!

(Via SNL)