The Next Negative Review You Read Might Have Been Written By Millie Bobby Brown

When you picture the type of person who leaves reviews for stores and hotels, you’re probably not imagining Millie Bobby Brown. But the Stranger Things star recently outed herself as an online reviewer — and a Karen.

While appearing on the Table Manners podcast, Bobby Brown asked hosts Jessie and Lennie Ware if they leave reviews. They don’t, but she does. “I have a fake name,” the actress said, according to BuzzFeed. “Because I think it’s important! Here’s the thing, my whole life is people criticizing me, so I’m going to give it back to you sometimes.” She gave a recent example.

“Once, we were at a hotel and the woman was pulling my fiancé aside, like, ‘We need to settle payment,’ or whatever,” Bobby Brown recalled, “and I’m just like, ‘Yeah, we will, but at the end of our stay, like… We’re still staying here.’ And she was like: ‘Yeah, but you could settle it now,’ and I was like, ‘But I don’t want to.’” So, she left the hotel a review: “I really think that you should encourage guests to complete transaction of payment at the end of their stay.”

Another time, Bobby Brown was in a store and “basically this old lady came up to me and was like, ‘Do you know where the socks are?’ I think she thought I worked there,” she explained. “And I was like, ‘I don’t, but I’m going to help you.’ So I went and found an employee.’ I said, ‘Excuse me, I need this pattern but I need it in this size, can you help me?’ And she was so unhelpful! And I was like, please, this isn’t even for me, so I left a review. I did!”

First off, shout out to that old lady who didn’t recognize Famous Actress Millie Bobby Brown; her grandkids are going to be furious at her. Also, if you think Millie comes across as a bit of Karen, well, she agrees. “OK, I am a Karen,” she said. “But, listen, I do think it’s important to know where you went wrong and there’s always room for improvement!”

I’m also a Karen, but only when it comes to loudly complaining that the wait for Stranger Things season five is too long. I’m going to leave the angriest review on Netflix’s Better Business Bureau page.

You can listen to the podcast below.

(Via BuzzFeed)