Stephen Colbert And Mindy Kaling’s On-Set Shenanigans Will Charm The Daylights Out Of You

There are some celebrity friendships that make you roll your eyes (looking at you, Leo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire). However, there are some that make you so insanely jealous that you will never be truly content until you can experience their awesomeness first hand (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, The Rock and whoever is best friends with The Rock). After her guest appearance on last night’s episode of The Late Show, it looks like we can add Mindy Kaling and Stephen Colbert’s friendship to that second category.

During his much deserved break between ending The Colbert Report and beginning his tenure at The Late Show, Colbert and his Colbeard appeared as a guest star on The Mindy Project. During his time on set, where he was portraying a Catholic priest, it soon became clear that he had a fair amount of trouble holding in his giggles. While Colbert is assuredly a consummate professional, something tells me that he was a little looser than usual during his sabbatical. It looks like Kaling had her fair share of trouble keeping her cool as well. Still, it looks like life on The Mindy Project set is probably  more fun than wherever you work.

Colbert also had a hilarious bit where he had a “meet cute” with each of his guests, a nod to Kaling’s well documented love of romantic comedies. Where can we start a petition to have Colbert return to The Mindy Project so we can have more interaction between these two?