Mindy Kaling Shows A First Look At Her Adult Animation Series ‘Velma’ And It’s Definitely For Adults

Mindy Kaling’s upcoming project VELMA will feature a much more adult approach to the Scooby gang, which famously caused some backlash when it was announced last year.

At the Warner Bros Discover Upfront presentation this week, Kaling gave a first look at her new series, which is heading to HBO Max this year. “Hopefully you noticed my Velma is South Asian,” Kaling said. “If people freak out about that, I don’t care.” Kaling added that if a dog can solve crimes, then her Velma can be brown. Besides, the pup won’t be in the show anyway.

Kaling also unveiled a first look at the show, which is intended to be for more mature audiences. In the first look there is a pretty graphic still of the series featuring a woman with her skull cut open, and another woman (Daphne?) seemingly naked. Seems like this show will be a wild ride. Kaling will also voice the titular character, in addition to executive producing.

The series is one of a handful of adult animation shows coming to HBO Max this year: Clone High will also be rebooted with the original creators Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Bill Lawrence, along with a new Pete Davidson-led series Fired On Mars, in addition to the very popular Harley Quinn series.