Miss Teen USA Is In Trouble For Allegedly Using The N-Word On Social Media

Miss Teen USA
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If you’re going to be in the public eye, especially on a national scale, you should probably take a good look at your social media and scrub it of anything that could be considered problematic (or, you know, don’t tweet offensive stuff to begin with). You can take a stand against PC culture if you must, but prepare to get dragged. Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay from Texas is learning this the hard way, coming under fire for allegedly using the N-word on Twitter in the past. While the screenshots were not officially verified, Hay decided to come out in front of it and admit to the ordeal.

While “I had many personal struggles” might be one of the weakest excuses for using such racially charged language seen in a while, at least Hay (and her handlers) saw the merit in owning up to her past mistakes instead of denying it. Hopefully, she’ll think before she tweets in the future.

This is just the latest controversy surrounding this year’s Miss Teen USA pageant after it came under fire for the lack of diversity in its final five contestants. Honestly, no one will ever convince me that #3 and #4 are not the same woman.

Who knew that getting rid of the bikini challenge would be one of the less controversial things surrounding Miss Teen USA?

(Via USA Today)