Here’s What Will Replace Bikinis For Miss Teen USA Contestants

Miss Teen USA has entered its Tapout era. No, contestants will not be engaging in mixed martial arts contests to determine the winner of the pageant. (We suppose that can always been tacked on later.) It’s actually a progressive development in the evolution of the contest.

Last month, Miss Teen USA announced that they’d be chucking the swimsuit portion of their competition. The Miss Universe Organization (the parent to the teenage pageant) proclaimed the decision to be an “important cultural shift” and media outlets certainly took notice of the change. So what arrives as the substitute to swimwear? Athletic wear. The Tapout x Goldsheep ensembles were proudly displayed on USA Today‘s website today in all their workout glory.

Before the official unveiling of what the pageant’s athletic wear would look like, contestants shared their thoughts on Thursday about the move away from swimwear. The response was very positive, although it would be sorta unlikely that Miss Teen USA would showcase a video where the contestants trashed the move.

The debut of this new age for the Miss Teen USA pageant will happen on July 30. Pageant enthusiasts will be able to watch the broadcast on WWE Superstar® Eva Marie will be a judge if that provides an extra nudge to watch or not watch.

(Via USA Today)

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