‘The Walking Dead’ Beat ‘Sunday Night Football’ In The Key Ratings Again

I’m beginning to think the general public prefers fictionalized walkers to real ones, because The Walking Dead beat Sunday Night Football at the ratings game for the third weekend in a row. If this two-week streak ends anytime soon, it’s only because everyone’s favorite zombie killers go on hiatus after the next two episodes.

According to Deadline, the hit cable television show decisively ended the concussive performance of broadcast television’s pigskin performance with a 7.3 rating in the coveted demographic of adults ages 18 to 49. Despite the New England Patriots and Jonas Gray’s lively game against the Indianapolis Colts, the brainless and the battered only managed 6.2 in the end.

Perhaps NBC ought to consider arming their Sunday evening schedule with machetes and firearms. The walkers are already provided for, and the outcome might solve the league’s pesky concussion problem.

Source: Deadline