Morgan Freeman Proves His Voice Can Narrate Anything, Even A Random Person On The Street

Nothing will be able to top Morgan Freeman using helium to change up his iconic voice, but Jimmy Kimmel’s tactic of sicking the legendary actor on random people on the street is a close second. The man’s voice is a treasure and is now proven to make anything seem more dramatic or more interesting, be it a retrospective on Hillary Clinton’s life or a fake trailer for The Gathering of the Juggalos.

Here, Kimmel asks Freeman to narrate some random folks on Hollywood Boulevard — you can see the initial segment from March below — and the Oscar winner obliges with a little coaxing. It doesn’t get much more random, but it is a damn peaceful narration. “Chewing and crossing” should be used in one of those noise machines for folks trying to sleep because it’s not a bad mantra. Get that in your head and you’re off to meditation city or whatever place you go when you meditate. Some of us end up in a circus tent.

Now all we need is for Jimmy Fallon to take this idea, put some helium into it, and then have Freeman try to play flip cup before getting frustrated and leaving the show. Hopefully dropping an F-bomb or two.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)